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Family Coaching for families with KIDS with special needs


Family Coaching helps families see their daily lives and routines in a new way.  Often times, we are so busy living our lives - we can't see how just 1 little change can make a huge difference in the flow of our day.

Kids with Special Needs sometimes require a great deal of adaptation to create a smooth flow from 1 activity to another.  

I work with you to create environments that support your family's culture to develop social skills, communication and language skills as well as flexibility in your kid with special needs.  

I work with parents to help them meet and exceed their child's needs.  

I work with kids to help them to help their parents understand them and their needs.

“Relationship based intervention is the use of ongoing affective, connected interaction to promote developmental progress, focusing on co-regulation, engagement, and social reciprocity.”
Joshua Feder, M.D.

I use relationships between family members to create preferred behaviors and achieve outcomes that promote a family life that is as manageable as possible.

My Family Coaching is done through an initial interview with your family.  The initial interview can last up to 2 hours - I want to know everything!  Then typically families either choose Intensive Coaching or Monthly Coaching. The cost of the initial interview is $200. I have found that this initial session is better in person. 

Intensive Coaching comes in groups of 3 sessions that allows for an intense experience to focus on a specific behavior or address a specific need.  Each session is $125/hour.

Monthly plans are meant to be more flexible - allowing families to schedule 5 hours of coaching in different increments and around busy schedules. These plans are custom built to match your needs.  These can be in 15 minute phone calls, Skype appointments or time for coffee and even the "Family Meeting"! The monthly rate is $500/month for 5 hours and can be increased to meet your needs.

I have the knowledge and experience to help your family discover what makes for a happier and healthier home life.  

I also know that you and your family lead busy lives and need ideas that are easily incorporated into your regular activities.  

Your Special Needs kid and family are unique and I want to help you  feel better about your daily life.  

I am here to help you get where you want to be - more fun, less stress and more flow!  

I use a sensitive intuitive approach to help you adapt your family to the needs of your child and your future together.  

I am not a therapist - I am here to start now with a zen approach to what your family needs.  I am not looking for how things have happened - I focus on what is happening NOW! And then come up with ideas and strategies to help your family adapt a new way of doing things.   I use everything I can think of!  I never stop trying new things until we find the thing that works for you and your family.

I meet with you in person or over the internet through video teleconferencing like Skype. I match your communication needs  to help you get relief!  Sometimes it isn't easy to travel or you want to stay in your pajamas - no problem!

Contact me immediately and get your family on track for more fun and less stress!  Call or text Farrell at 775-720-8829 for scheduling an appointment.  

improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

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   How does it work?